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The construction of enterprise culture system of China Machine-Building International Hebei Co., Ltd.takes the inheritance of the "harmony" culture of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. as the core, which fully embodies the core value of "joint efforts, innovation and win-win" of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd.China Machine-Building International Hebei Co., Ltd. takes the leading system of international engineering contractors and service providers in metallurgical industry as its enterprise vision; provides sustained impetus for world economic development with the most humanistic innovative spirit as its mission; takes honesty, tolerance, excellence and cooperation as its enterprise spirit; grows in learning and develops in innovation.China Machine-Building International Hebei Co., Ltd. actively creates a harmonious, healthy and upward organizational atmosphere, stimulates team vitality, improves collaboration efficiency, enhances centripetal force, cohesion and competitiveness of enterprises, and devotes itself to the construction of innovative enterprises and harmonious enterprises.


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